“And I went down to the demonstration”

All the pictures are my own. Almost all the words are someone else’s.

I got a sense that the labour and trade union movement slightly stunned itself with its ability mobilise so many people on the streets. That with Ed Miliband they now have a leader who they don’t hate, but in turn Mr Miliband faces a challenge of what to do about this movement. – Paul Mason, Newsnight

It was a wonderful show of feeling and determination, and could prove to be a springboard for a wider grassroots movement. But the difficulty in getting the message across, without having your peaceful protest hijacked by rent-a-mob or having your movement tainted by the actions of unconnected others, is evident. – Steven Baxter, New Statesman

So whilst I regret yesterday’s violence – if I could have had my way, there would have been none at all – I can understand why these outbursts of wider political violence are happening. And they do not make me optimistic about the future. – Paul Sagar, Bad Conscience

There has been anger directed at us because some media outlets incorrectly used our name for actions we did not organise, giving every action the name UK Uncut. But it is clear, if you spend two minutes on our website, who we are, what we are about, and what our plans were. – Alex Pinkerman, UK Uncut

Once at Ilford police station, they led us into a room called “the cage” where we met a handful of others who had also been arrested outside Fortnum & Mason’s. I waited there for an hour or two as the others were led off ahead of me to be processed. – Adam Ramsay, Bright Green Scotland

Walking down Piccadilly we passed this peace tank

Playing this apt song

Some great photos of the march and the UK Uncut actions over at Liberal Conspiracy.

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