The pop star and the warlord

Reading this Observer piece about the arrest of Serbian pop singer Ceca for embezzlement reminded me of going to Belgrade to write a story about her first arrest, in 2003, for Blender magazine. I dug it out and scanned it. The story and the prose were a little oversimplified in the editing process (that headline!) but I think it’s still an interesting tale.


  1. Hi, I just stumbled across your site and am looking forward to reading your book later today! I work at Powell’s Books in Portland, Oregon and we are Unionized under the ILWU. Last summer we released a compilation of songs from the Little Red Songbook set to contemporary music. Here’s a link:
    I would love to send you a copy if you’re interested in listening to it!

    • Hi Bryan. This looks great. Best way for me to give you my address privately is if you send me a message via Facebook. Cheers. Dorian

  2. […] for instance the story of the queen of turbo folk and the wifey of one of the most notorious war criminals of th…Imagine the tits of Mariah Carey, quality of music of Lady Gaga and lifestyle of Ginny Sack. Sorry […]

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