Commander Camila

Fascinating Guardian article about Camila Vallejo, 23-year-old leader of the Chilean student movement. I’d love to know more about her parents, who were apparently Communist Party members in the Allende days, and how they got by under Pinochet. Perhaps, as per my last post and its responses, I’m an old-fashioned sucker for charismatic political figures in these days of leaderless protests. Not as much of a sucker as whoever put together this video to the sound of Green Day’s She’s a Rebel though. I’ll hazard a guess (a) that it’s a man and (b) that his admiration for Vallejo is not restricted to her politics:

And here’s a song in her honour in the acoustic tradition of Chilean nueva cancion:

And some gripping shots of protesters clashing with riot police during Chile’s 48-hour general strike.