All last year when I was promoting the book I wistfully said it would be great if an established multi-platinum British pop star released an out-and-out protest song that was witty, nuanced, relevant, exciting and commercial enough to be playlisted on Radio 1. And here it is.



UPDATE: I wrote about Ill Manors for the Guardian which led, indirectly, to two very different but equally wrongheaded responses: one by contrarian clown Brendan O’Neill, the other a dogmatic hard-left reading by Josh Hall at The Line Of Best Fit, who bizarrely criticises Plan B for not accepting that “It is the destruction of capital that will end poverty.” Both seem to attack Ill Manors chiefly for not conforming to their own analysis of the riots, rather than for any artistic failings. The idea that a record might be complex and ambivalent does not some to have occurred to either of them. In fact, I wonder what protest songs do meet their peculiar standards.