“The only band that matters in 2012”

Pussy Riot, the Russian anti-Putin Riot Grrrls are still being detained after their April 19 trial, threatened with up to seven years in jail. Amnesty and PEN are among the groups campaigning for their release. Two strong pieces here: Salon’s AM Gittlitz gives some useful background on punk in Russia, including the fabulpus observation that one Russian website translates the band’s name as “Uprising of the Uterus”, while Tobi Vail (of original Riot Grrrls Bikini Kill) raves about the band for emusic, calling them “the only band that matters in 2012” and throwing in a fine radical punk playlist. There’s also a website lobbying for their release. Here’s the “Punk Prayer” performance in church that led to their arrest.

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  1. I like this song by PR from outside the Kremlin better.

    Kathleen Hanna on Free Pussy Riot

    Off topic: did you catch Norways 40.000 strong anti-Breivik mass singalong of a splendid Pete Seeger tune, first with norweigian text then in english.

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